First thing that may come to mind when thinking about charcoal is a barbecue. But charcoal can do more than cook your burger, it’s actually widely used to help combat oily skin and acts as a magnet for drawing out impurities and dirt. Did you know charcoal is the new ‘it’ product for teenage skin products? We find out why it does more than cook your food…


1. Charcoal used in skincare is activated.

This means it has a stronger absorbancy than normal charcoal and has been treated to be used in beauty products. When normal charcoal is reacted with oxygen, it creates activated charcoal which is much stronger.
2. Charcoal can be used in pretty much anything…

From toothpastes and soaps to sponges and face masks, the beauty possibilities are endless. Did you know charcoal can also help remove surface staining on teeth? And charcoal infused sponges are proven to decrease pores and oily skin.
3. Charcoal works wonders for acne and blemishes

Because charcoal is so well known for removing toxins and impurities, it makes a great (and safe) substitute for removing oil and makeup from blocked pores. Try our T-Zone Charcoal Nose Pore Strips to help remove dirt and oil built-up in pores across the nose area.
 4. Charcoal can absorb 100 to 20 times its weight in impurities

And you don’t even have to use it for very long before seeing the results. Charcoal’s amazing absorbent properties were first discovered to treat alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses as it acted as a magnet to absorb them before they reached the blood stream!
5. Charcoal is the new skincare trend you need

And T-Zone are excited to be adding further products to its charcoal line in 2016! Because of its brilliant absorbancy powers, charcoal is now the desired product for removing excess oil and dirt in pores. See how our T-Zone Charcoal Nose Pore Strips can help you.


What do you think of the charcoal skincare trend? Will you be trying it any time soon?


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