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The Benefits Of Tea Tree

6 December 2017

You can trace the history of tea tree back by many years and discover the amazing benefits it has for your skin. Native to Australia, tea tree began its commercial journey in the 1920s to be distributed as an antiseptic solution and previous to that, the local aborigines called it the “healing tree” to treat … Continue reading “The Benefits Of Tea Tree”

How To Use The Black Peel Off Mask

18 October 2017

We’ve seen those scary DIY videos of peel off masks going wrong, so we want to set those wrongs right. First grab a T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask from Superdrug for £4.99, they’re available in store and online but sell out fast, so be quick to buy one! Start by cleansing your … Continue reading “How To Use The Black Peel Off Mask”

Tips For Controlling Oily Skin

4 October 2017

Having an oily t-zone might seem like the end of the world, but we promise it really isn’t! There’s a few simple tips and tricks you can try to help control excess oil and manage that post-lunch shiny forehead. 1. Blotting Papers They’re a classic quick-fix to sorting out an oily complexion. Simply pat the … Continue reading “Tips For Controlling Oily Skin”

What Are Blackheads?

20 September 2017

They’re a pain and annoying to remove, but what really are blackheads? They happen when a clog develops in an open hair follicle. The follicles contain a hair and a gland that produces oil and when the hair follicle opens and is exposed to air, it turns black thus coining the name blackhead. Dead skin … Continue reading “What Are Blackheads?”

The Skincare Basics With T-Zone

22 August 2017

Sometimes skincare can become over complicated and the best thing to do for your skin is to take it back to the basics. Here at T-Zone HQ we believe in using the best natural alternatives for a clear complexion, whilst celebrating your own skin. Onto our skincare basics: – Cleansing The pillar of any skincare … Continue reading “The Skincare Basics With T-Zone”

The Benefits Of Charcoal

13 July 2017

The new buzz ingredient of the beauty industry is charcoal, it’s in our toothpastes, shampoos and now our skincare. Activated Charcoal is a form of charcoal which has been processed to have a high surface area for absorption. The reason why we love it in our skincare products are because it absorbs the excess oils … Continue reading “The Benefits Of Charcoal”