Acne and spots come in all shapes and sizes, from a blackhead to whitehead approximately 80% of people aged between 11-30 years old are affected by acne or spots during their lifetime. Spots can result in a lack of confidence, depression and destroy self-esteem for young people, as well as adults.

So how do you get rid of acne and spots?

1. Keeping your skin clean is essential. Use a mild cleanser or soap with lukewarm water to wash with twice a day. Also removing make up every day will help prevent dirt and oil build up causing spots.

2. Eat more fruit and veg. Along with your mum nagging you to eat more greens, it’s scientifically proven that eating berries and leafy greens promote a brighter and clearer complexion.

3. Try a home remedy. There’s an abundance of natural spot busting methods you can use, but the most effective we’ve found is essential Tea Tree Oil and toothpaste. Apply either directly to the spot using a cotton bud and leave overnight. Alternatively, you can use the Spot Zapping Gel with natural Tea Tree that works in just four hours!

4. Create you own natural mask. Mix ground linseed into warm water until it makes a paste. Then apply the paste to areas where you have blackheads and let it dry. Wash it off and see your blackheads disappear!

5. Fight the urge to pick them! It’ll irritate your skin, prolong the spot and cause further breakouts through bacteria spreading. And nobody wants that…

How To Get Rid Of Acne with T-Zone

BES Skincare have created a brilliant infographic breaking down what causes spots and the NHS share their in depth information for receiving medical treatment for your spots.

Here at T-Zone HQ, we recommend using our Nose or Face Pore Strips to get rid of acne and spots and also our Spot Zapping Gel helps calm spots in just four hours!

What’s your best spot fighting tip?

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