If you’re fed up of spots, blemishes and more, we’re taking a stand and reclaiming your skin with #MySkinMyTZone! As part of our campaign, we’ve shared our top tips and secrets for having healthy and clear skin – and they’re all so easy.

  • Always treat a spot before covering it with concealer. Try the T-Zone Spot Zapping Gel, it dries clear and reduces spots in just 4 hours!


  • – Don’t be tempted to squeeze. Or pick them, as this just prolongs the spot’s lifetime and turns it red and irritated.


  • – Make sure you cleanse daily, twice a day with a soothing and non-stripping cleanser helps to balance the natural oils in skin without drying it out.


  • – Try mapping out your spots. Spots which collate in a particular area could be a hormonal change or lack of hydration, this infographic is spot on.


  • – Avoid oil based foundations. These can clog up your pores, causing a congested and dull appearance.


  • – Clean your towels once a week. Using dirty or old towels to dry your face with after cleansing is counterproductive. Same goes for makeup brushes!


  • – Always always remove your makeup before bed! Keep a spare pack of wipes next to your bed (we recommend the Cleansing Wipes) and ensure you remove all makeup before you go to bed each evening.



What are your best tips for keeping skin spot-free?

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