Easy to do and specially shaped to fit across your face, the T-Zone Face Pore Strips lift blackheads and spots clean away for smoother and refreshed skin.

T-Zone Face Pore Strips are enriched with naturally anti-bacterial Tea Tree to help prevent spots from forming and keep skin clear. Also infused with naturally derived Witch Hazel, which is proven to soothe and tighten pores for spot-free skin.

T-Zone Face Pore Strips have been specially formulated to:
– Grab onto blackheads and dirt, lifting them clean away.
– Help remove spots causing bacteria
– Unclog pores to help skin breathe and look visibly clearer

Tough on spots but gentle on the skin, the T-Zone Face Pore Strips have been specially shaped for use on the chin and forehead, so no spot it too difficult for T-Zone!

The simple no-fuss pore strips can be used once or twice a week on your face to remove blackheads and spots quickly and effectively. Each application only takes 10 minutes for long-lasting results, so you can do this whenever and wherever!

Have you tried the T-Zone Face Pore Strips?

You can purchase the T-Zone Face Pore Strips from Superdrug, on eBay and Fragrance Direct.

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