It’s a well known ingredient in skincare products, but what is Salicylic Acid? Scientifically, it’s a type of phenolic acid and a beta hydroxy acid which work well to aid exfoliation, as well as easing aches, pains and reducing inflammation.

It’s multi-useful properties make it widely used in skincare as the acid helps to open clogged pores and neutralizing bacteria from within – preventing pores from clogging up again.

Although acid in skincare can seem a little scary, the % used in each product is very low and is very safe to use in products. Rather than irritating your skin, Salicylic Acid is an anti-irritant that can sooth skin and reduce redness from breakouts. As well as this, it aids natural exfoliation and helps to leave the skin smooth and soft.

Our favourite products with Salicylic Acid are the T-Zone Rapid Action Spot Zapping Gel, T-Zone Clear Pore Gel Facial Wash and T-Zone Refreshing & Hydrating Gel-Cream – all working towards a clearer and spot-free skin!

What’s your favourite T-Zone products?

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